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Concordia Graduates Celebrate By Skinny Dipping

By wiccania     May 1, 2007 in Crime
Recently graduated students at Concordia College in Minnesota celebrated by stripping down and getting wet.
Most of us celebrate graduation with a party, perhaps dinner somewhere special or a weekend getaway to blow off 4 years worth of steam. At Concordia College, this years graduates (as many as 200 students), decided instead to undress and take a dip in a campus pond.
When a campus security officer tried to stop them, the students refused to cooperate. After they pushed the security golf cart into the pond, police were called to the scene; arriving in time to see 50-75 students fleeing in various stages of undress.
The students may face charges for damage to the golf cart, and although no one was arrested about 10 people were identified because they left clothing and wallets behind.
At least they didn't hurt anyone. The destruction of property is unfortunate, but it sounds like they had a good time.
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