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article imageThe Story of Mouseland (with Kiefer Sutherland Video)

By Sarawanan Ravindran     May 1, 2007 in Politics
A younger Kiefer Sutherland showing the NDP's Mouseland campaign. Remember the story of the white cats replacing the black cats?
The Story of Mouseland is a story by Tommy Douglas, leader of the Co-operative Common Federation, which is now the New Democratic Party of Canada. The purpose of the story was to combat the poor government during the depression.
For those familiar with Canada;s history the black cats are suppose to represent the Bennett government and the white cats representing the King Government. This time in Canadian saw the increase of parties that share similar interests as the CCF (now NDP) such as the Social Credit Party. At the time the story was a strong part of the parties platform.
The goal of the video is two show that there should be more than 2 parties in a real democracy. Also that the people in government should be just like the average person and looking out for each other instead of the 'high class'.
In the video/story the mice would vote for the Black (Conservative) cats and they would find out how hard life was with them in power. So then they went back to vote and instead chose the white cats (Liberals) who made things even worse. This rotation of power keeps happening until one mouse suggests that mice (representing the average person) should run their government and not the cats (who represent the high class). However this car was arrested for making the suggestion. The video/story finishes off by saying the you can lock up a person, but not an idea.
The story is parallel to the book 'So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish' which is a novel that represented a similar situation with lizards and humans.
The Saskatchewan Party, which is an opposition to Saskatchewan Provincial NDP, has also made a parody to the story. An audio of that could be found here (RealPlayer Required). This story tells a tale of the mice as incompetent leaders.
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