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article imageSpider bite causes erection that lasts hours

By patxxoo     May 1, 2007 in Health
In Brazil hospital staff know immediately if you have been bitten by a wandering spider due to various side effects, the main one being an uncomfortable erection.
The scientific name for this particular type of spider is Phoneutria nigriventer. They are known to be extremely aggressive and are regarded as one of the most dangerous type of spiders in the world.
When a person is bitten, the venom is injected into the bloodstream sending most people to the hospital for treatment for pain and the increase in blood pressure, also for a most uncomfortable erection that can last for hours.
Doctors are studying the venom to further what they hope to be an advancement in erectile dysfunction treatments in the future. In a Johns Hopkins University study they found that approximately 18 million men in the US alone have issues with erectile dysfunction. Drugs such as Viagra only help about 1 in every 3 men that have mild or moderate erectile dysfunction issues and men with more sever problems are less likely to be helped by these types of drugs at all.
Researchers have already started testing various components of the venom on rats for possible later use on men. The possibility exists that they will combine Viagra and other drugs along the same line, with this new component made from a synthetic version of spider venom to create a better overall effect for men with this medical problem.
So if the current crop of drugs do not work for you or a loved one don't lose hope a newer version is on its way in the next few years.
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