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article image'The Chaser' Attacks Wikipedia Founder At Press Conference

By malan     Apr 30, 2007 in Entertainment
An Australian sketch comedy show bombards Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales with rapid-fire questions including "There are 1.7 million articles on Wikipedia; how long did it take you to write them all?"
The Australian sketch-comedy show 'The Chaser' is known for it's outlandish, live, public skits that push the envelope on how far you can legally go as entertainers without breaking the law.
The troop planted fake "terrorists" near Sydney landmarks in an attempt to see how long it took for security officers to respond to their "suspicious activities and as reports, cast member Chas Licciardello was arrested for attempting to sell fake weapons as official Bulldogs merchandise to fans prior to a game in Kogarah.
For their latest stunt, cast member Andrew Hansen ambushed Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales at a recent press conference. He told Wales "Ah, Jimmy, um, look I just have 10 questions" and then launched into a rapid-fire tirade that baffled the normally cool and calm Wales. The following questions were asked without pause.
"First, how are you enjoying Australia?
"Second, how do our computers compare to the ones in America?
"Third, why does everyone in IT look so nerdy, yet you look like a daytime soap star?
"Fourth, Mac or PC - do you really give a sh*t?
"Fifth, there are 1.7 million articles on Wikipedia; how long did it take you to write them all?
"Sixth, Craig Reucassel's a bit unhappy with the photo on his page. Could you upload a better one maybe for him?
"Seventh, my dog is getting some scabs under his chin. I don't know if you can bring him in the number of a local vet?
"Eighth, Jessica Rowe and Peter Overton - will it last?
"Ninth, cracked pepper?
"Tenth, how do you feel about the fact that when I looked you up on Wikipedia this morning I changed your page to say that you were a teenage drug lord from Malaysia?"
Wale became nervous and confused as he attempted to answer a few of the questions and he delivered his response away from the microphone so no one really heard exactly what he said as he answered about 4 of the 10 questions.
I love that someone had the gall to ask these questions. A few of them, specifically the last question asking Wales how he felt that his profile on Wikipedia now said he is a teenage Malaysian drug lord really do speak to how off base and incorrect the Wikipedia site can really be.
Wales states that Wikipedia gives "every single person on the planet free access to the sum of all human knowledge"... but if 50% of it is wrong and anyone can change the information located within... is this really a service that anyone would ever pay for? I think... no.
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