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How Do You Say "Veto" In Spanish?

By Left-Handed Elephant     Apr 30, 2007 in Politics
As we finish off April and roll into May, I want to offer full accountability for my predictions of last week. Full accountability is something people who follow politics may not be familiar with, I realize. Below are the calls I made last Monday on thi
Last week
1. McCain didn’t get a noticeable bump in his polls, as I predicted. He did manage to be one of only three Senators who didn’t vote on the defense funding bill last Thursday, and one of them is sick. His swing through South Carolina was overshadowed by the Democrat’s debate the same night. He may get a bump from his interview in the May issue of GQ which I reviewed for Digital Journal.
2. My prediction about the Dems and the environment was right on. In fact, the four sitting Senators all left the same place (the Senator chambers) going to the same place (the debate) and took four separate jets. If the GOP wants to score some easy points at their debate this Thursday, they’ll share a jet to the Reagan Library in California. After all, five of the ten Republicans running are in Congress.
3. Congress passed the defense bill I predicted they wouldn’t get to. Win some, lose some.
4. I was dead on about the lack of debate on the national debt last week by the Democrats. This is despite the Comptroller General going on the Colbert Report Wednesday night, so it was fresh news Thursday. Still the only “elephant in the room” questions asked at the debate were about personal follies, not the almost $9 trillion we owe as a nation.
This week
Looking at the Washington Post’s guide to the week, I see a media frenzy at the end of the week leading into the Sunday talk shows. The President will likely veto the defense bill on Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday will be the four year anniversary of his infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech on the deck of the carrier Lincoln. He’ll emphasize his commander-in-chief role by getting CENTCOM briefings the same day. Of course, the GOP debate on Thursday will give us plenty to watch, though Tancredo is no Kucinich. Also on Thursday the U.S. just might, maybe, talk to Iran at a summit in Egypt. Or at least get Egypt to pass a note when the teacher isn’t looking. “Do you want to have diplomatic relations with me? Check yes or no.” Thursday is a packed day, as the President meets with Hispanics. I think it’s on Thursday because Cinco de Mayo falls on a weekend this year. Maybe he’ll explain why as citizens of the District of Columbia they don’t have a vote in Congress.
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