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Author: Christianity in America in 'terminal decline'

By Cynthia Trowbridge     Apr 29, 2007 in World
Dr. Paul Zahl a leader in the orthodox Episcopal Church is warning mainline
denominations in the United States that Christianity is declining in America. He says that Christianity is growing at a rapid pace in Third World nations.
Dr. Zahl is also an author and has just written a new book, 2,000 Years of Amazing Grace (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007). In his book he traces the story of Christianity from the death and resurrection of Christ to modern times. He believes the mainline Protestant churches will remain "in terminal decline unless they recover the joy of the salvation of God's grace from Christ."
Third World Christianity is going to lead the way in the future, "especially Latin America, South America, southern Africa and China," Zahl predicts. He says China, in particular, is "the great voice of a resurgent Christianity that has suffered."
He believes that China and the Third World countries will be the leaders to bring back biblical Christianity to the world.
For the American Protestant denominations to survive as true Christian churches they need to go back to their founding principles. That is the great gospel message of Jesus Christ that will change anyone who is willing to get in touch with it and accept it.
Dr.Zahl is also president of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. He believe Christians should know the history of Christianity and know the gospel message.
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