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Think Dirty !

By Leah     Apr 27, 2007 in Lifestyle
"Sexual fantasies are a great escape if you feel stressed."
According to a recent study, more women think about sex than men, and think about it while riding the subway of all places. Ok, now I can maybe see many people, on and off the subway.
"42 percent of women think about sex while traveling on the subway, compared to only 22 percent of male passengers."
Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D., a clinical sex therapist in Athens, Georgia says that sexual fantasies are a way to keep you alert without getting you aroused and distracted. WHAT???
I would think the opposite. You can't think about a sexual fantasy without being somewhat distracted or excited. Don't you agree??!!
And as for having them in your car, she don't recommend that either. But, if she feels you can have them without distraction, then why would she say don't do it in your car??? Contradicting herself isn't she??!!! LOL
Ok, so I found another article related.....this is about "Sexual Recipes"....and they sound goooooood ! LOL, Check them out...,6176,s1-23-56-1392-1,00.html
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