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article imageAnother Block Party, Come Celebrate DJ's Lost Weekend!

By Bob Norman     Apr 27, 2007 in
Last weekend the Digital Journal community was left scratching their heads and suffering withdrawal as our favorite site bit the dust. Tonight let's gather together and swap our tales of horror from our time in DJ detox.
It was like someone took away a family member. How many of us felt panic set in when we saw the words on our screen,"Digital Journal is down. We probably know about it."? Hour after hour we clicked on the link, trying to will the site back online. Little did we know the days of agony that waited ahead of us.
How did you spend the time without DJ? I've seen some of you already comment about all the work you finished without the online distraction. Children and pets were fed for the first time in weeks. Dishes were done so you no longer needed to eat out of the pans. Clothes were washed so you can stop wearing the tablecloth as a toga. I've even heard rumors that a few of us bathed for the first time in months! The environment thanks you.
The Wolf made good use of his time. Not only did I get my spring flea and tick treatment out of the way but. I finished several projects that I'd been lax in getting to. My home now has one of the most sophisticated zombie defense systems in the world. You can never be too careful!
So heres the deal DJ'ers, lets get together tonight and swap our tales of woe and accomplishment. At nine tonight the doors will open and the pivo will begin to flow. Join all of us in chat and see what your fellow community members did to pass the long cold hours. Digital Journal is back and we need to celebrate!
I'll even bring the model of the White House that I made out of lunch meat. I'm especially proud of the olive loaf president!
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