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Kentucky Fugitive Who Ran out on Son Needing Kidney, to be Extradited

By S.H. Mills     Apr 27, 2007 in Crime
Son wants to know how "Dad" could just leave him to die.
California is getting ready to pack up Byron Perkins and ship him back to Kentucky, where it is said he will be denied bail as an obvious flight risk. Perkins was allowed out on bail in 2006 after claiming he intended to give a kidney to his son, Destin.
Instead, he failed to complete the last round of tests and, in his son’s word, “…he ran away and left me up here to die.” Thankfully, Destin received a kidney anonymously and today is doing well. He’s hurt and angry and glad to know that his father will once again be behind bars “where he deserves to be.”
Perkins’ girlfriend will likely face charges for harboring a fugitive. She too is being extradited to Kentucky. Perkins was originally convicted on drug and weapons violations along with other charges, and was looking at a potential life sentence.
His son hopes he never “sees the outside of bars” again.
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