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English police chief uses headless biker in campaign

By Mark M Drewe     Apr 26, 2007 in Crime
In a controversial move, the North Wales police chief posted pictures of a headless biker in an awareness campaign, but without the family's consent!
This is pretty messed up, if you ask me. There's a ton of sensationalism and "shock" culture that's finding its way into mainstream, but to use a headless biker to promote anti-speeding campaigns? Especially without at least asking the family of the decapitated biker first? It's drawn controversy for that reason, and the moral ethics of showing such a gruesome image is pretty dangerous politically.
Of course, this has drawn protests, as people are now calling for Police Chief and image poster Richard Brunstrom's resignation. But it gets worse; not only are these images very much real, but there's also input from other police officers about how gory the accident really was:
"He said: "His oxygenated brain went flying down the road for 50 metres, before he expired. It is horrific, I'm sure you'll agree."
Mr Anwyl also explained that a young family was trapped inside the car, into which the headless torso was embedded, for 90 minutes."
Worse off, that's not the only images used. Others show actual corpses at car wrecks, in a very graphic fashion.
Brunstrom maintains that this is ethical, and is quick to point out how the campaign has led to the world's largest reduction in traffic-related deaths in North Wales, as well as stating that the next 'wave' of the campaign will involve more education than shock imagery.
I'm torn - on one hand, using images of dead bodies, ones that obviously died in a traumatic way, without notifying the family is pretty questionable. At the same time, if it saves lives, then shouldn't the protesters be more pleased about that?
Either way, using those images shouldn't be grounds for his resignation - he's not being corrupt (that we know of), just questionable ethically...
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