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Op/Ed What Kind Of Music Do You Like?

By RobotGod     Apr 26, 2007 in Entertainment
They say tht music soothes the savage beast. In that case, I wonder what Wolfman2001 listens to. What about the rest of you Digital Journalists?
Myself, I listen to a very wide range of music. Everything from the 50's to now. Mostly I like classic rock from the 70's since that is when I grew up. One thing I can't stand is country. I wont give you any kind of list because that takes too long and it is too varied.
But I wondered what other DJ users listen to?
It is amazing how music can transform your soul. It can lift you up or bring you down. You can get lost in it. It can shape your day. We all have a soundtrack to our lives.
Music from The Doors changed my life when I discovered it in my youth, among others.
It can just make you want to move, or it can move you deep inside. We share music to show our love, we use it to celebrate life and death.
Music is the fabric of the universe. Did you know that starlight emits a kind of music if only we could hear it? The universe is alive with rhythm and dances to the tune.
The sound of billions of heartbeats set against the gently spinning mass of a planet...which itself is only background to a greater symphony...
Music is magic.
What music makes you feel alive?
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