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article imageNew System Launched To Track Down & Sue Comment Spammers

By malan     Apr 26, 2007 in Technology
Project Honey Pot promises to put an end to the worldwide abuse of comment spam.
For any of those with websites, online stores, blogs or any type of site that allows your users to post comments you've most likely been victimized recently by the huge new wave of comment spammers.
Website owners are under siege and most have to resort to just completely turning commenting off. My own website receives anywhere for 10-20 comment spams a day and although I've tried many things I can't seem to stop the flow.
Project Honey Pot calls themselves "the first and only distributed system for identifying spammers and the spambots they use to scrape addresses from your website."
Using the Honey Pot system you can install email addresses that are associated with the time and IP address of any visitor to your site. If you begin receiving email at one of these address you know it's spam and you can capture the IP address that harvested by the spammers.
The install is simple. You place the Honey Pot files on your website and they do everything else. They process all the data generated by your site and work with law enforcement officers to track down and prosecute the spammers that visit your site.
Project Honey Pot will ultimately release an anti-spam software that uses all of this information to help make it as robust as possible.
Honey Pot has several lawsuits already underway. According to SlashDot Honey Pot is suing on behalf of some 20,000 people who use the spam tool already.
If someone can find a way to stop the flood of commenting spam and actually make some of these guys be accountable for their annoying ways, I am all for providing them details about my website. The amount of comment spam coming in right now is ridiculous.
I wonder what kind of comment spam tools Digital Journal uses to keep it's comments pure?
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