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article imageA diesel Honda? That gets 62.8 miles a Gallon?

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 25, 2007 in Environment
Honda will release soon a cleaner diesel powered car offering up to 62 miles per gallon on highway.
Honda expects to bring the clean-diesel car to the U.S. by 2010. It gets 62.8 miles a gallon on the highway, but otherwise looks and feels like a regular Accord.
California introduced a law in the 90s with strict emission controls that restricted the amount of sulfur a car could emit. Since Diesel powered cars emits high sulfur content, the manufacturers stopped producing diesel powered cars in California and in the US. But thanks to improved petroleum refining technology, the manufacturers were able to devise cleaner diesel fuel that emits only 15 parts per million of diesel down from hundreds of parts per million. This satisfies the California law. As a result car manufacturers like Honda are slowly easing back to producing diesel powered cars with this cleaner diesel.
Honda claims that it is able to get 62.8 miles per gallon on the highway on an average with new diesel and say it is as clean in emissions as the new Toyota Prius which runs on gasoline and electricity combination. The advantage of diesel cars compared to hybrids is that they have lots of engine power.
Another advantage with the newer diesel engines, they have higher mileage compared to the older diesel engines. The fuel efficiency is high because of the electronics, computer chip controlled engines that control the fuel flow better.
Thus, diesels, usually thought of as smelly, are now environmentally somewhat sound.
These cleaner diesel engines are becoming widely used in Europe; hopefully it will become popular here also in the North America. Everyone would love to have such high mileage in their cars.
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