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Mexico City to legalize abortion

By Brandigal (Donna)     Apr 25, 2007 in Lifestyle
Mexico City lawmakers have decided to legalize abortion as long as it is during the first three months of pregnancy. The decision will most likely cause tensions between the Roman Catholic churches and the state.
This decision is believed to lead to a big court battle between the Roman Catholic nation and the state.
Only Cuba and Guyana in the past permitted first trimester abortions. Now this new vote gives hope to abortion rights advocates that it could start a new trend across Mexico. Other Latin American countries have allowed it when the mothers life is at risk or she was raped.
It is banned completely in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Chile.
With this new bill that was approved 46 to 19, girls under the age of 18 would need their parents permission. It is said it will be "almost free to the poor and the uninsured residents". If a woman has an abortion after the first trimester, she faces 3 to 6 months in jail. Anyone that performs the abortion after that time faces one to 3 years in jail.
About 1500 women in Mexico die each year from botched abortions done with black market medications or herbal remedies. This new bill is said to save lives and gives them a new freedom.
The Catholic faith does not believe in abortion because they believe life begins at conception. However the majority of Mexico City disagree and support abortion as long as it is done within the first trimester.
Riot police were sent to keep the peace between the two opposing groups outside the city's legislature.
This is an ongoing debate all over the world. Abortions are legal in Canada and free in some provinces like Ontario. Later-term abortions are also permitted in Canada. In most states of the U.S., later-term abortions are also legal.
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