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Dad makes Son wear sign for using Drugs

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 24, 2007 in Crime
Father forces son to wear a sign as a punishment in School for using drugs
A father says he wasn't trying to shame his 14-year-old son when he made the boy wear a large sandwich-board sign saying, "I abused and sold drugs."
The father found out about the drug habits of his son after reading his MySpace page, his son has been using marijuana and OxyContin. He decided to punish him for that. So he took his son to his school, made him wear a large sign on his back which read "I abused and sold drugs".
He told WATE-TV that he is not trying to humiliate his son rather want to teach him a lesson and loves him. He said drug problems in America are getting worse and it is time for the parents to take extreme measure to solve this problem.
The TV didn't show the father's name as well as the face of his son in order to protect the kid's identity.
After a short period, the Principal came to know about this and asked the father to stop this, which he did.
By then the boy said he'd learned his lesson. "This is embarrassing. I ain't going to be doing it again," the boy said. "Drugs are for losers. That's all I can say."
I don't endorse this punishment, the father could have done the same at his home and not humiliate the son in front of his class mates, who may mock him later. The son says he learned his lesson, that is what counts, but next time I hope either the son doesn't repeat it again or his father punishes him at his home.
Is this punishment by the father extreme or is OK?
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