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Leave Our Park Alone

By KJ Mullins     Apr 19, 2007 in Lifestyle
That's the resounding cry of the 250 people who showed up for a meeting last week at Cadarackque Public School. The debate between city planners and residents went on for over 2 hours.
The proposed issue at hand is a new housing unit that would require the park to be relocated. The school where the meeting was held uses the park for recess and lunch breaks. If the unit is made then the visibility that affords the teaching staff to be able to observe the students would disappear.
While the play area would remain behind the school, the soccer field will be moved south. That would make it unusable from the school grounds.
Lesllie Potts, a parent and lunchtime supervisor, warned about decreased visibility. "Unless we get 15 more people like me out there (to supervise), that new park is totally unusable to the school."
Other concerns are with the increase in traffic and the possible overcrowding of the school. Planners promise to review the traffic issues and other concerns of the community.
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