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What Turns Men On Might Get Women Off

By Bob Norman     Apr 19, 2007 in Lifestyle
A top ten list of male and female fantasies shows that we're not as different as we might like to think.
Horny cheerleaders and naughty school girls. This is the common image of male fantasies that most people think of. While I'm sure there's someone out there who's craving a three foot tall, one legged midget with a full body tattoo and a love of turnips, the average sexual fantasy is much more common. In a poll of men and women the top ten found that at least six of the top ten could fit on both lists.
Some things like trying new partners and oral sex are no surprise to make the list on both sides of the gender gap. Others, like fantasizing about your current partner, were a bit more surprising as a common factor between sexes. By far the most surprising to me was the fact that same sex fantasies were desirable by both men and women although, women rated it much higher than men did.
The final surprise is that the top two on both lists is the same. Whether this is because people gave the answers they thought the investigators wanted or a real fact of life is open to debate.
The lists,Women first:
* 10. Sex with a Stranger
* 9. Working as a Prostitute or Stripper
* 8. Being Found Irresistible by a Man
* 7. Sexual Ravaging
* 6. Fantasies Involving Romantic Sex
* 5. Receiving Oral Sex
* 4. Something You've Never Tried Before
* 3. Sex with Another Woman
* 2. Sex with a Man Other Than Your Partner
* 1. Fantasizing About Your Current Partner
Nine and seven were surprises to me and four seemed a bit generic. Nothing about bondage or pirates so I wonder how accurate it really is?
Now for us guys:
* 10. Sex with Another Man
* 9. Sexual Ravaging
* 8. Bondage and S & M
* 7. Anal Sex
* 6. Having Your Partner Masturbate for You
* 5. Voyeurism and Exhibitionism
* 4. Sex with Two or More Women
* 3. Giving or Receiving Oral Sex
* 2. Having Sex with a Woman Other Than Your Partner
* 1. Fantasies About Your Current Partner
Where did they find this group? After 10 I don't want to think about 7 and on 4 how many is more? I'll just stick with #'s......Oh never mind.
So,do you agree or are your tastes even more twisted? I know this bee keeper with a donkey and 5 gallons of honey........
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