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'Day of Silence' prompts New Castle HS lockdown

By ckloeckner     Apr 19, 2007 in Lifestyle
'Day of Silence' caused quite a riot in New Castle, Indiana
What is 'National Day Of Silence'?
It is a day to show support for gays and lesbians worldwide by being completely silent, in hopes to bring attention to the ongoing bullying of gays.
"To show that humiliation and harassment of homosexuals in schools is a big issue and we decided to remain silent all day to show the support of that," said Erin Conley, student protester.
Student were wearing shirts of peace to support the gay communities rights. But the silence protest had caused threats of violence in a New Castle High school.
"They took us all to the field-house and we sat there for like two hours. They took us one by one and they scanned us with metal detectors," said Skylar Ward, student
Obviously extreme security measures were taken to avoid any violence, including locker checks and classroom scans.
It has also been reported that students had more drama than expected when some of them were wearing shirts against the cause.
Thankfully, no violence had occurred so far and i hope it stays that way. Every human being in America has a right to support any cause and should be able to do it without fear of repercussions.
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