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Canada Crook wins Damages for Injury during Theft

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 18, 2007 in Crime
Daniel Baines stole razor blades worth C$106 dollars but was awarded C$12,000 dollars for injuries after his capture.
Daniel Baines is a lucky man, he stole razor blades worth $106 Canadian Dollars from a Supermarket in a Vancouver suburb, but was awarded $12,000 Canadian Dollars as damages for his injuries suffered after he was caught. The store security guards tackled him after they found Daniel Baines steal the razor blades, only they roughed him up afterwards.
The British Columbia Supreme Court Judge ruled in favor of Daniel Baines said even though Daniel Baines admitted the crime, it doesn't mean he lacked credibility as a witness in giving the evidence about being beaten by the guards.
Listening to Mr. Baines testify, I found him to be remarkably forthright. He did not minimize or deny circumstances that might seem embarrassing or harmful to his case," Justice William Ehrcke said in a ruling published this week.
Daniel Baines represented himself in this case against the supermarket. He said the employees of the supermarket used excessive force when he was caught. He claims he lost a tooth in the incident and said he has trouble speaking with others.
Well, he spoke eloquently in the court to sway the judge and didn't have trouble with his speech. The Reuters article doesn't say whether he was punished for stealing, if not it will be a travesty of justice.
What do you think about this Judge's decision?
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