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article imageGoogle Spreadsheets Adds Charts

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 18, 2007 in Internet
Google Spreadsheets adds charts to its program, looks more like Microsoft Excel now.
Google Spreadsheets finally adds charts. Google added Spreadsheets last year, it was a basic one compared to its equivalent Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Now they are adding Charts feature, recently they added many formulas and functions like current stock data information to be incorporated into the spreadsheets. Many users were complaining about the lack of charts in Google Spreadsheets, so now they will be happy to see this.
The user can create many types of charts, such as column, bars, lines, pie, scatter and also add labels and legends to identify different lines or plots. Once you insert the chart in the spreadsheet, it saves as a PNG image for editing later if necessary.
The charts are rendered as SVG in Firefox/Opera and VML in Internet Explorer, so they don't require plug-ins. As usually, Opera is not officially supported, so you'll find things that don't work as expected.
Here are some pictures of these charts:
Google Spreadsheets different Chart Options
Save chart as .PNG option, edit or delete the chart.
Search the web option from the cell about the contents
If you need to plot a chart quickly online then you will find this Google Spreadsheet a great program online, no downloading or software necessary.
I am planning to use more online programs and want to rely on Microsoft programs less, there is unlimited storage in Google, and so there should be no worries about files limit.
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