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article imageOp/Ed: Five Changes to Restore America

By Bob Norman     Apr 18, 2007 in Politics
Much of the world hates us, our President has record low approval ratings and our children are killing each other. Here's five ideas that I feel could help the United States turn itself around.
As I was writing the check to pay my federal taxes the other night, I realized that the money was going to support a country that wasn't my own anymore. From the government to the culture, the United States has taken a path that's led it away from what the Founding Fathers envisioned. Here I present my thoughts on changes that could bring the country back to what it once was:
Reform the income tax: It's time to toss the IRS and come up with a tax system that is both simple and fair. My proposal would bring about a flat tax that removes the burden from the lowest paid workers.
Individuals earning less than $25,000 and families earning less than $60,000 would pay no taxes at all. Zip, nada, none. People earning more than these limits would be taxed at 10 per cent, period. No deductions, no forms, no complicated tax laws. The savings from the elimination of the vast IRS bureaucracy alone would save enough to make this a worthwhile change and the reduction in paperwork could save a forest.
Make the law fair: I've had it with those who can afford it living by a different set of rules from the rest of us. Why should you be able to get away with murder simply because you can afford a legal team to sway the jury? Why should someone sit in jail for pot possession when a serious criminal with a better attorney walks because of a technicality?
One of my suggestions is to require all attorneys to bill their clients on a sliding scale and, to take cases from people on all levels of that scale. Right now a poor defendant, with his ass depending on a public defender, isn't getting nearly the representation of a wealthy defendant. It's time to make the courts a level playing field.
Gun law modification:The United States will never allow the banning of weapons, the right to bear arms is part of our heritage, but I'm always upset that people aren't willing to even discuss reforms of the law. Rifles and other long guns are fine with me but pistols are another story.
The only people who need handguns are the police and others who need it for protection or their job. Why allow average citizens to own a weapon that's so easy to conceal? A shotgun will kill but you can't sneak it into school in your backpack. Forget the American traditions and put in gun laws that might actually save some lives
Political responsibility:Why the hell do we give our politicians a free pass on so many awful things that they do? Whether it's $400 haircuts, shooting friends while hunting or lying to their constituents, politicians need to be taken to task for their actions.
First, if you've been arrested in the last five years you shouldn't be allowed to hold any office, not even dogcatcher.
Second, if you're convicted of a crime while in office, you should be removed from the position you hold. Finally, I think politicians who misuse their authority to live high on the hog or break the law, need to be banned from politics forever. The people who control the countries fate should not be above the law.
Enforce the laws we have: Why is there even talk about giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens? Do we want to come up with a class of legal illegals? Why do we turn a blind eye to the immigration problem instead of tossing the people out?
If we really need these laborers to help pick and tend our nations crops why not let farmers sponsor a certain number of them to help when the crops are ready to harvest. This would give more oversight to the practice and give the illegals the security of being here properly. People who work in our country should have to follow the laws of the nation. Stop the influx of illegals and start a flow of legal hard working people.
There they are. My five ideas to put the country on track. Are they perfect? No, but it's certainly a place to start. The details would need to be worked out but, all of them are possible if people make the effort. It's time to make the United States a proud country again.
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