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article imageTo Preview, Or Not To Preview

By Andrewrw     Apr 17, 2007 in Technology
Denis Dyack, producer of the upcoming XBOX 360 trilogy Too Human, goes against his word by allowing IGN a sneak peek at the hotly anticipated title.
Several weeks after arguing against the practice of previewing games on the EGM Live* podcast, Dyack brought Matt Casamassina of IGN to his studio to just that: preview Too Human.
On the podcast, Dyack fought passionately against previewing games after EGM magazine gave Too Human a "terrible" rating in its E3 issue. He believes that games should only be presented to the media when they are in a finished state, so that the public doesn't get misinformed as to the quality of a game.
The reason that Too Human as given such a poor rating, was because it was displayed in an unfinished state. Early builds of games tend to not be very impressive, as demonstrated by this video of Too Human at E3. While the reaction to his game caused Dyack to call for the abolition of previewing games all together, it is clear when listening to the podcast that he was really just upset that his game was given a bad rating.
His message was further obscured when IGN recently posted a six-page preview of the game on their site. If Dyack was so against previewing games, why did he give IGN this inside look? The answer seems to be that he is simply against previews which don't show his titles in a favorable light. Instead of one word (terrible), he got a six-page spread full of positive press.
The bigger issue here revolves around ethics in gaming journalism. In this case EGM lost an inside look at a big upcoming title simply because they were honest, which is something that all journalists should strive for. The majority of gaming publications don't look at the industry critically, and because of this publishers and developers prefer dealing with them, as opposed to outlets like EGM that might call them out on their mistakes.
Gaming journalism needs more outlets to follow EGM's model by being critical, as opposed to simply saying what the developers want them to. Only then will the gaming public get truly honest coverage of the industry.
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