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Forget Supersize, How about Übersize!

By Kyle Pallanik     Apr 16, 2007 in Health
This is Ringwraith, reporting to you live from Hofheim, Germany, home of the Waldgeist Restaurant. Even if you've got a hollow leg, you could fill yourself up with the fare from this place. Come on in and stuff yourself.
If you thought the Heart Attack Grill could induce a cardiac arrest. Check out how the German's do it.
For starters, you can order their extreme sized schniztel and fries. Make sure you wash it down with a little beer. I hope you're thirsty though, because the smallest drink size is a 2 litre mug, unless you make a special request. Their best selling drink is known as 'Der Bembel des Todes' which is a 5 litre rum and cola, for 35 Euros.
Aww, was that a little too much for your wee little stomach?
Don't worry, every table comes equipped with aluminum foil for you to wrap up what you can't eat. Of course you'll be considered a coward if you have to resort to that.
What's that? You haven't had enough? Okay tough guy, how about trying the sausage platter?
It seems that the Übersize phenomenon is catching on. Here are some burgers from Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.
Check out the truth to this urban legend at Snopes.
Once again, for Digital Journal this is Ringwraith, saying 'You are what you eat!'
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