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Kate 'The Common' May Face Her Cold World Without William But She Leaves An Even Colder World Behind

By Michelle Duffy     Apr 16, 2007 in Lifestyle
So, there is very little of us left now who don't know about the spilt between between Kate Middleton and Prince William, but as the six year romance fades, the press move in
It was fairly obvious from the start that a simple break up between the second in line to throne and Kate Middleton wasn't going to be a clean cut as they personally would have wanted it to, so now, if facing the world without William with a barrel load of cheeky taunts from the the world's cruelest friend - the press.
Rumours had started long ago, apparently that Kate was 'too common' for her Prince saying that he could never marry her as she was such a commoner. (Hang on here, if my memory serves me well, wasn't The Queen Mother a commoner?)
It comes to light now that these awfully hurtful comments that Kate had to endure were what forced the split between the pair. Yet it wasn't just for Kate's ears, in fact it was her family that bared the brunt of the lowly comments. The royal circles can be cruel and heartless places and just because her mother had been an air hostess, the family came under fire that Kate was no good. Even the Princes friends would have the occasional dig at her background.
At dinner parties, she had to put up with remarks around the royal table from other guests asking Kate 'when the food trolley was coming round.' She even received evil eyes from court members because she was chewing gum at the Prince's passing out parade at Sandhurst last December.
She, as you can imagine is being hounded right now by the press, desperate to break her down just a little bit more. She strides out looking casual yesterday for lunch from her home in Newbury, and still refused to talk about the split with the Prince.
Her mother, once an air hostess now enjoys a luxurious life from her own very successful party hosting business.
She had been ill advised from the start. She didnt know about etiquette when addressing Her Majesty and used words like 'toilet' instead of 'lavatory.' As it has been rumoured to have been said - the Royals' didn't want another Diana.
It may be, that she will be better out of this ordeal....
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