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Sex Trade Business Booming in Alberta

By Bob Ewing     Apr 16, 2007 in Business
Sex trade workers cashing in on Alberta's red hot economy
"Truckers are big business and they're on the road for long stretches of time and they want to have adult entertainment," says Chastity, one of the strippers frequently seen working the bars in small boomtowns such as High Level, Alta.
Chastity, I am willing to venture a guess that this is not her real name, is one of many women who have relocated to or taken up the trade, in Alberta. Big bucks can mean big business for the women and men who work the sex trade industry.
When is is possible to earn, $15,000.00 a week, as one sex trade worker claimed ,the attraction to follow the money is strong. The conditions are ripe and the sex trade workers are gathering the crop. The makeshift camps, where many oil workers live, contribute to the conditions that make the trade lucrative, lonely people with money to spend. It is no surprise that some escorts are willing to travel. They can pass the cost along to the client, a true user pay system.
In Canada, prostitution itself is not illegal, however it is illegal to communicate with another person for the purpose of buying sexual acts. In other words you could do it but your could not talk about it, the original intent of the legislation was to reduce the street traffic in sex.
This has not been all that effect. Many cites in Canada have a problem with the street trade and the drugs and violence that go with it. One response some communities have turned to is harm reduction.
Harm reduction is a philosophy of public health, intended to be a progressive alternative to the prohibition of certain lifestyle choices. The central idea of harm reduction is the recognition that some people always have and always will engage in behaviours which carry risks, such as casual sex, prostitution, and drug use.
How does a community deal with the street trade aspect of the sex trade industry?
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