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Recalling Don Imus's 2004 Racist Slur Against Palestinians and the Call for Death of all the people of Palestine

By Diego     Apr 16, 2007 in World
Sabrina Jalees" tries to figure out the double talk of government regulators re. hate speech over the airwaves.
Back in 2004, Don Imus and his cohorts referred to Palestinians as "stinking animals" and suggested that they all be killed.
Don Imus has been fired but these media outlets carried him so they need to be held accountable. Fox News and MSNBC, and any others.
make sure you remind everyone of the coarseness of a man who still insists on claiming that he is a good man who just did a bad thing!
Make sure you let the United States FCC and Canada's CRTC know that all involved from Networks to Cable Providers are held to account for what's heard, seen or read , especially the works of Don Imus.
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