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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But Not If Your Name Is Kate Middleton

By Michelle Duffy     Apr 15, 2007 in Lifestyle
She was a year older than him, but for many young women, years ahead of her time. It is no wonder that experts are predicting Kate Middleton will have a far better life without Prince William, simply as the whole episode will give her more power
Wisely, Kate Middleton has decided to keep herself out of sight for a while after the very public breakup of her six year relationship with Prince William, yet the whole story will be very much to her advantage - in with the Royals or not.
Today, speculation continues as to why their strong, long term relationship ended unpredictably. One minute, there was a call for them to announce an engagement, then the next, they part. Rumours fly this morning of a possible call from The Prince of Wales, his father, to William to make a decision - marry her or ditch her.
Either way, it is likely to be a 'win win' situation for the 25 year old woman who now has the world at her feet. She, like the rest of us, can only get stronger after the break up of a relationship, and she, above everyone will be able to use a particular item to her advantage in the future - the press.
Even when in years to come, when William, does finally marry, no doubt Kate will be dragged up to give her blessing, yet at the same time, William will be even more closely scrutinised to see what next flame he has on his arm. They are both hurting, just like anyone else in their situation, although the difference here is that her ex is second in line to the English throne.
So, the first person to step up to her defence is none other than the editor of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, who has jumped at the idea of 'young woman power' and believes that Kate will eventually milk the press for all their worth in future projects of her own.
Mrs Seward said: "I think she would rather get on with her life and be around her friends. She does not seem like the running type and I don't see the point of her doing that. It would only be delaying the inevitable. She might have a few rushed days' holiday but I think she will just get on with it. I am sure she will get herself together, she doesn't really have much choice. I think now will be the moment for her just to think really about what she wants to do. She is in a really powerful position."
Kate did managed a successful degree in the history of Art and at the present time, works part time for an accessories buyer for the retail chain, Jigsaw. She is already on the ladder of great success in her own field, since starting her relationship with Prince William.
The break up should kick start her into thinking about her own future as Miss Middleton rather than another Royal subject, as her part time job has been criticised for being a time filler whilst she waited for the Prince to propose.
Mrs Seward continued, "I am sure she will dedicate herself to her career. She will probably move on from Jigsaw. Young people tend to move on very quickly anyway."
She can only move on and get on her life, her own way, and not by the Royal way, if she had married the Prince....
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