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article imageBritish Study: Women Should Smoke to Conceive a Baby Girl

By Bworms1980     Apr 15, 2007 in Technology
A recently published British study suggests if women were to smoke, they would raise the chances of giving birth to a girl.
Smoking raises the chances of a mother giving birth to a female child, says a new British study.
According to these "scientists" if a woman is smoking before she conceives, she is likely to double the chances of giving birth to a female child.
The chance of having a male baby drops by almost half if both parents smoke during early pregnancy, amid fresh evidence that smoking could "kill" male foetuses in the womb.
Smoking not only reduces the chances of conceiving a male child, but could stop male embryos implanting in the womb and cause miscarriages.
The Wanted Baby Girl
The Wanted Baby Girl
Anyone else find this study sickening? If their research is correct and smoking kills male fetuses and gives a higher rate of giving birth to a female, I find it irrelevant if the child is unhealthy because of the smoking. That part of the study is curiously absent.
It is also more than a bit disturbing that parents are willing to harm the health of their child and even miscarry a male child on purpose just to get a girl.
Instead of fixing real problems in the world it seems like there are so many people in the world of science who are doing research on things that do not matter. Here they are trying to affect gender and this is not the first research or study to do this. Others are trying to change a babies eye or hair color.
I'm sure that there are more seedless fruit and veggies to be created. Big whoop. But can we do something about the starving people in the world next? Or are they still working on a new shape of pasta?
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