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Tired of Diets?

By Debra Myers     Apr 14, 2007 in Health
Tired of dieting? Maybe there's good reason. For the most part, diets end up being temporary, you end up feeling too restricted and left feeling too hungry. If diets really worked, then there wouldn't be the problems of obesity that we have today.
It's a known fact that there are dozens upon dozens of diet programs out there, which work good for some people and not for others. These diets do not take every individual into consideration. Everyone has different needs and different issues, which makes most diets fail.
Nutritionist Samantha Heller offers some tips that could really help you to lose the weight and keep it off, without trying diet after diet. She says that when you diet, your body doesn't understand the reason behind the restricted calories, and it will trick your body into storing more body fat in case there is another time when the body isn't getting the nutrition it thinks it needs. When this happens, when you diet for a while, then go off the diet, people tend to gain more weight than when they lost.
Next, she advises to re-examine the reasons behind why you are choosing to diet. Are they the right reasons, and are you prepared to do what it takes to get healthy over the long haul. This also means recognizing the obstacles and fears you may have about not wanting to diet, and be willing to overcome them.
People who eat a lot of products that come from animals, must eat low- or non-fat versions of those food. This way, you lose the 'bad' fats and the calories both. As well, eat at least two helpings of vegetables a day. Vegetables help with satiety plus you get benefits of vitamins and needed fiber.
Don't skip meals. Stay hydrated and lastly...get moving. For not only your physical health, but also for your mental health. Move, and you are also more motivated to make healthier food choices!
I realize that this is probably a repeat after repeat of what we hear all the time, but maybe for those of us who continually struggle to lose our excess baggage, the more we see and hear it, the more we'll be able to become our own success stories!
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