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How Tuned-in to Your Sixth Sense Are You?

By Debra Myers     Apr 14, 2007 in Lifestyle has a site that is interesting to check out, even if you don't quite buy into the beliefs. Currently, they are running an experiment you may participate in, if you should be interested.
The folks at are doing some of their own experiments, involving what they term as "psi"...which are otherwise known as E.S.P., psychic abilities, and the sixth sense. Of these, "precognition, remote viewing, psychokinesis (also known as telekinesis), dowsing, telepathy, clairvoyance and similar phenomena" also will be studied.
This site has been designed to test several of these theories, which brings me to their second experiment, which is open now to anyone, until April 30th. Simply put, there are 4 images that are shown, and then there is a brown envelope also shown, and you are to use whatever skills you have, to 'see' which picture is inside the sealed envelope. Even if you are not a believer in such phenomenon, you are even allowed to just 'guess', which is also part of the test!
This is will be a fun site to watch, to see what they find out, as they progress into their research. Take a never know, you might even surprise yourself with knowing something that you thought you didn't know!
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