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"What does sexuality mean to women?"

By patxxoo     Apr 14, 2007 in Lifestyle
According to a study that involved 500 women in their 40's - 70's. "women connect better with themselves".
A study was performed to assess their sex lives and see if their were trends
and the results were as follows:
1. That single women have more orgasms.
2. That 56% of sexually active women that were without a partner could reach orgasm every time by herself.
3. That only 24% of women that had partners could reach orgasm with the help of her partner.
Dr Howard added she believed women on their own were better at achieving orgasm because they don't have the "distraction" of having to please a man.
"Arousal is a lot about what erotic thoughts go through the mind, and for women that's very different to men.
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