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article imageTips to Become Smart

By Dan (Edmond) Vun Beckstuolo     Apr 14, 2007 in Health
Here are a few ways to become smart, even genius. When done right, these can be really effective. I will try to make these tips as accurate as possible.
Alright, here are some tips for becoming a smarter person.
As most of you know, working out makes your body more fit. Well, that also goes along with your brain. Educating your brain has the same effect on brain power. Think of the brain power as the size of a muscle. Keeping your brain active will improve your brain power, even if you are old.
You are made of your nutrition. That includes your brain. Eating well is a big part in this article. Most seafood is great for your brain, as well as vegetables. Fruits are also a good way to keep your brain healthy, but most vegetables are a very slight winner. Most fast food will do just the opposite of what eating well is supposed to do to your brain. Eating a good breakfast is a great way to start the day. A great combination, even more for memory, is bread with hummus. If you do not like hummus, bread is still good. You may find oatmeal to be quite helpful as well.
Think of sleeping as a battery. The difference is, the longer you go without sleeping, the less brainpower you have. If you are to spend a day very awake getting education, you will know more the next day than if you are getting education while being barely able to keep yourself awake, because you can learn much faster when you are awake. Remember though, if you fully sleep, you won't be tired for the next night, and you will stay up way too late, so don't sleep too much, as sleeping too much also has some bad things.
Alcohol dissolves fat. Most of your brain is made of fat, so the alcohol will destroy the myelin sheaths around your nerves, sending disrupted messages. I have a friend that had a father who died from drinking so much alcohol. My friend would explain how his father was seemingly genius, but due to alcohol, had dropped in brainpower to way below institutional level.
It is a touching story, but it could happen to anyone. Everyone has a glass every little bit, but don't let it riot in your life.
This includes cigarettes. Drugs limit the air that goes to your brain, and as obvious, the brain needs a good amount of air. The less air you have travelling through there, the more brain cells will die. A forest-like environment or somewhere that does not have much pollution is better for your brain.
Think Smart
Have you ever watched the news, following everything they said, without thinking? How about those rumors when you were a child? Did you just hear it and buy it? I like to call this thinking layers deep.
When you hear something, think about it. Think about how other things can affect it in different ways. The closest, but not perfect way to describe this, is analyzing. Whenever someone asks you something, don't just tell them what you heard and kept in your memory, uselessly. Also, think logically. Thinking in the layers requires some logic, so be prepared.
Physical Exercise
Although obviously not as good for your brain as direct brain exercise, having half the time to do each is better than just training your brain for the whole time. It helps you think clearly, and you will notice that within the same day, depending on how frequent you have exercised before that.
Of course, genes have an impact. I don't know how big, but the impact is definitely noticeable. Note that these effects will take longer if you are older.
Some consequences come with being extremely smart, unless your family is rich, so just watch how much you try, but it is not certain that the success will be minimal. Don't expect to wake up the next morning and have superhuman brain abilities.
The chances of success, especially with an invention, is far better if the family is rich, however, not certain.
One last thing, The younger you are, the more it affects you. If you don't eat well, you go down more than if you were old. However, if you do eat well, you go up more.
Remember, nothing here is certain.
Article By Daniel Edmond Roland
Due to confusion, I will say this clearly.
I wrote this article. Made it. Thought of it.
It's mine, so I'm sorry... no links.
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