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Liberal-Green Party Deal, May to Run Unopposed.

By Bob Ewing     Apr 13, 2007 in Politics
Canada's federal Liberal Party will not run a candidate against Green Party's May
Stephen Dion and Elizabeth May have struck a deal. The Liberals will not run a candidate against May in the next Canadian federal election. My first thought was well so much for democracy and letting the people decide.
My second thought is neither the Liberals or the Greens are likely to win the Central Nova riding currently held by Peter MacKay so what else does this mean? A new alliance, are the Liberals seeking to enhance their credibility on the environment, a hot issue?
This second thought is reinforced by this comment from the Liberals out of our shared commitment to a greener Canada, we are not running candidates in each other's ridings."
So why not just merge the parties and get it over with, this is not a good way to win the voters' respect. I think both parties will suffer as a consequence of denying the people their right to choose.
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