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article imageMaradona On The Slippery Slope To Oblivion

By Michelle Duffy     Apr 13, 2007 in Sports
Diego Maradona is a living legend in football for millions of fans, yet they're worrying about him at it appears he has some sort of a death wish
The football fanatic was strapped up in hospital, but checked himself out, just to go and watch a match.
He has been in hospital for serious health issues due to being treated for acute hepatitis and has only managed two weeks so far. His condition was brought on because of his alcohol addiction.
Yet he appears to be close to the edge today as, out of the blue, he sacked his personal doctor, Alfredo Cahe - who, if it wasn't for him, it is doubtful that Maradona would still be alive.
But Maradona claims his is on the up - declaring that he will stay healthy, won't drink or over indulge in some of his unhealthy past times.
The 46-year-old king of football has been told to calm down and put his feet up, but ignored please from doctors last Sunday as he was desperate not to miss out on the match between Boca Juniors and River Palte in Buenos Aries. he was determined to be there, even if it had meant him watching from the benches rigged up to a drip and a monitor...
One friend has spoken of his concern for the aging legend in his ill health “Diego just seems hell-bent on taking the fast route to his grave. He just carries on doing things his own way regardless, even though doctors tell him he must take a new direction and stick to it if he wants to live much longer."
It would appear that he is fast becoming a man victim to his own lifestyle. The food, clubs and drink will be the end of him
He had ended up in hospital after a 48 hour drinking session via a speeding ambulance since drinking a massive 10 bottle of champagne, to himself.
Doctors now say that his once fit physique is weakening under the strain of booze and cigarettes, fearing the worst for his liver.
Dr Cahe felt that the footballers only hope would be a unique clinic in Switzerland, but the legend replied, “Cahe has stopped being my doctor. Now I have another doctor.”
It would seam that he can't see what he is doing to himself...
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