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article imageStudy: In Nude Photos, Men Look at Faces First

By RobotGod     Apr 13, 2007 in Lifestyle
No really. It's all about the face.
You might expect men and women to look at sexual photographs differently. But a new study unexpectedly found that men are more likely than women to first look at faces rather than other parts of a nude body.
Also, the women in the study spent more time than the men looking at images of couples having sex.
That proves it. Women are the bigger perverts. I believe this study, because I have noticed this about myself. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the other parts too, but if you find a woman beautiful, there is nothing more beautiful then her face.
Men looked at the female face much more than women, and both looked at the genitals comparably.
You can read about the findings in The Journal of Hormones And Behavior, by the way. If you happen to have one laying around.
The eye-tracking data suggested what women paid most attention to was dependent upon their hormonal state. Women using hormonal contraceptives looked more at the genitals, while women who were not using hormonal contraceptives paid more attention to contextual elements of the photographs.
This is very fascinating stuff. I find it interesting that women looked at the sex images longer. For a man, perhaps there is some instinctual reasoning at work, and that is why the face is the first thing he looks at. A good face can perhaps give him some clues about his breeding partner.
Perhaps...It could be that he takes certain features into account and looks for certain traits that are strong and favorable to pass on to the offspring.
And of course...We do have to look at the face. I mean, I'm not gonna bring up the whole bag over the head thing...
It makes sense that women respond a certain way based on hormones as well. The hormones determine her priorities in some way. What do you think ladies?
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