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article imageAn Open Letter to Vonage Holdings Corporation

By Carpenter S. Newton     Apr 12, 2007 in Internet
Voice over Internet Protocol telephone company Vonage is in trouble. Serious trouble that saddens me. As a loyal customer, I can't stand by and watch my Vonage slip away, so I've penned a letter offering my help.
Carpenter Newton opining for Digital Journal
Dear Vonage,
I thought it was time we get in communication, as a few things have worried me about your telephone service lately. This will be the first time I have ever contacted you despite being a loyal customer for 42 months. We've been together a long time, Vonage, but I'm worried that might be coming to an end.
I was shocked to see reports that you had been barred from accepting new customers after you were busted for infringing on patents held by Verizon. I immediately rushed to my phone, picked it up and made sure I still had a dial tone. Sure enough, the smooth monotone sound greeted my ear, but for that fleeting moment, I thought I was losing you. As it turns out, I nearly did and I still might: Even though you have a temporary stay on the order banning you from accepting new customers, Verizon wanted to take down your entire service.
Admittedly, I don't understand much about the patents you infringed upon or what you have done wrong. I figure that's best for you to figure out and settle yourself.
But today, I see you have lost your CEO, Michael Snyder. He stepped down and the company announced unspecified job cuts. It seems as if you are losing millions of dollars in advertising debts and you are generally "troubled," as the news organizations put it.
Say it can't be so, Vonage. I thought things were going well. Whoo-hooo, Whoo-hooo-hooo. All that stuff.
As a loyal customer for the last three plus years, I am saddened by what is happening to you. When I think of a life without Vonage, it nearly makes me weep. You have saved me thousands of dollars in phone bills. You have connected me to people I would otherwise never get to talk to without paying an arm and leg. You have never failed to give me a dial tone, and in those times you are cranky, you get over it quickly. You have made having a long distance relationship infinitely easier. You are a true friend. In an age where products and services are cheaply made, you are a shining star. Only you and Netflix are online services that I would wholeheartedly recommend.
Nothing else is the same. E-mail is impersonal and instant messages lose those all-important vocal nuances. iChat never works like it's supposed to, and Skype has always been about as reliable as talking through tin cans attached by string. My dear Vonage, you do something that none of these services have even come close to doing: You take new and better technology and pipe it to my old reliable telephone. You do it with a reliability and quality unmatched at a price that can't be beat.
In this global world that grows smaller by the day, you have brought me good times chatting with people from places I've never even thought about going. A good phone call is one of those things that is hard to top.
So how about it, Vonage? Do you need some help? Is there anything I can do? I plan on being here until the end, or at least until you get tired of my voice.
Carpenter S. Newton
Loyal Vonage customer, almost from the beginning
Just paid my bill today
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