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article image'Brother's War': A Decent Low Budget War Movie.

By Joe Vannicola     Jun 15, 2009 in Entertainment
During the final days of World War II, a British Army officer working in concert with the Red Army uncovers a terrible secret that could ruin the unity of the Allied forces if revealed.
With that intriguing premise begins Brother's War, a low-budget, but well-made film that unfolds the tale of two officers(one German,the other British) who discover they are linked by Freemasonry compelling them to work together in order to prevent the USSR from conquering Eastern Europe. They find themselves imprisoned along with other men who are being systematically assassinated by the Russian Army. Working together,they escape and head for the Allied Command post while successfully evading their pursuers.
Brother's War is an exciting World War II film that boasts a good script by Tino Struckman and Warren Lewis, beautifully photography by Jason Newfield and a stirring musical score from composer Christopher Ward. Struckman also produced Brother's War and plays the part of Captain Klaus. Another asset to this movie are the battle scenes which are quite impressive for a film that was made on a less than sumptuous budget.
The film however does have it's weak points. For example: it brings up the subject of mysticism briefly without really exploring the theme. It's as if the idea was put in as an after thought. After Michael Berryman's character (Col. Petrov) is killed half way through the movie, he shows up near the end to kill the British officer(Hugh Daly). This reason for the deceased Col. Petrov's reappearance is given no explanation leaving the viewer to wonder what is going on. There's also mention of Freemason's and their supposed secrets, but again, the premise is never fully explored.
Another small quibble about the film I have is the inclusion of a Polish nurse named Ana (Haley Carr)whom the two officers save from being raped by Russian soldiers. Her character is superfluous and Anna's supposed romance with the German officer is shown in such a cursory manner that it provides no romantic impact whatsoever; over and done in a hurry in order to give the audience an obligatory love scene. Plus, Ms. Carr's Polish accent has a terrible habit of disappearing and then reappearing through out the film.
But in the end, in spite of its flaws Brother's War delivers action and adventure in equal measures. Not a great film by any means, but not bad film either.
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