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The true cost of the Xbox 360

By BrendanL     Apr 11, 2007 in Technology
The cost of the 360 is more than you expect.
People don't realize how much a 360 really cost. The Xbox 360 costs about $550 Canadian. The Elite bundle comes with a wireless controller and if you want to charge the battery of that controller, you have to buy a wireless controller charger which is about $50.
Then there's Xbox Live which allows you to play online and it costs $70 for the first year then $50 the next year. But in order to use Xbox Live, you need a wireless adapter which is another $50.
Then there's the extended warranty, which you should get if you're smart because the Xbox 360's overheat a lot so that should cost about $90+ but let's just make it $90. So $550 (Xbox 360 Elite Bundle) + $50 (wireless controller charger) + $70 (Xbox Live) + $50 (wireless adapter) + $90+ (extended warranty).
So in the end it'll be $810+ oh and I forgot to mention that you'll obviously want a game such as Gears of War, which is another $70. So $880 oh and plus tax. Aigh. That's really expensive.
This shows that Microsoft wants to get every penny it can get from you. Another example is the game Gears of War. In multiplayer, the developers made some extra maps that they wanted to give for free but Microsoft said no, they have to pay for it. It was a constant fight between the developers of Gears of War and Microsoft and finally, they came to an agreement that you had to pay for the maps for the first two months and then it's free.
This is why I hate Microsoft. They make you pay extra for things.
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