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"Cut Cocaine" and Free "Cocain" FDA questioning marketing practices

By patxxoo     Apr 11, 2007 in Crime
So have you had your cocaine today ? They say it will give you a boost of energy.
The FDA is after another energy drink company that makes false promises to reduce cholesterol and helps prevent hardening of the arteries, according to their website. The FDA's stance is that if it is a drug it cannot be sold without their approval and also that their are no directions for what and how it is supposed to be used as such.
Now that the FDA is questioning their marketing ploys. The company says they are naive. That their tag lines are not intended to be taken seriously. The "Redux Beverages LLC" company says that the product is not a drug. "Obviously, we're not a drug. We pretty much have the identical ingredients of every other energy drink out there,"
But they have been marketing it as such. How else do you take their logo that is spelled out in a white powder the looks disturbingly like "cocaine".
Just who are they marketing this product at? According to their own page they have thousands of teenage fans.
The FDA has given them 15 days to make corrections, otherwise the company can face seizure of its products, injunctions and possible criminal prosecution.
Why would a company even want to be associated much less name their product cocaine ? To be controversial and get notoriety more free publicity for the product.
I personally find that this type of marketing aimed at teens is a shameful way for companies to market their products.
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