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Sex Offender Laws Target Online Predators

By Debra Myers     Apr 11, 2007 in Crime
I was really pleased to read this news article online, because it means that our local law enforcement teams are definitely doing something to keep these people off the Internet and away from children.
I was shocked at the numbers that were given for these counties as to how many registered pedophiles lived within their boundaries. Steuben County is one of the bigger counties in New York State and yet the very thought that there are as many pedophiles within this area, is upsetting to say the least. This is upsetting to me because instead of seeing these statistics going down, they are going up, and it means that our children and grandchildren are all the more vulnerable.
Some people are going to get nervous, I think, because Internet service providers are going to be allowed to turn in any one's browsing habits as far as child pornographic sites. Invasion of privacy? Yes...and no. I think that we need to realize that we have to give a little in order to get a lot out of this proposed bill, and we have to ask ourselves, are children's lives and safety worth it? I would rather give up some of my privacy to make sure that the children in my family and those of friend's and neighbor's families are safer.
The proposed " KIDS Act 2007" and "SAFE Act 2007" are definitely a step in the right direction. I'm sure that it won't stop every incident, but it should entice a lot of these predators into staying away, and even make them quake in their shoes a little! It will be interesting to see these new bills in action, and what the statistics will end up being, in say...a year from now.
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