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article imageOnce Upon A Time On Digital Journal

By Bob Norman     Apr 11, 2007 in
New users to the site must be confused when they find out the editor is a porcupine, the staff are monkeys, half the users are animals and there's a Werewolf in the middle of it all. Before the party tonight, your hairy host offers a primer to the madness
Once upon a time Digital Journal was a normal Citizen Journalist news site. Then one day a madness began to spread among the users and all that changed. No one saw it coming, no one could have stopped the infection. It wrecked the minds of staff and user alike. In the blink of an eye DJ went from normal to nuts and this poor Werewolf fears he was the catalyst for the downfall.
To be honest, I think part of the blame lies with the Giraffe. Cruiseroo's post on the demographic of DJ members was the hill that got this bus rolling. It was a small spark but between the romance of Khee Mao and Got The Scoop, and the general camaraderie that ran rampant, the madness was born.
Beyond that, the fault is all mine. It all started because it drove me crazy to have the anonymous voice of the DJ staff jumping into various posts. Little did I know that my in-depth investigation would reveal chaos in the home office. I would have never guessed that trained robotic cyber-monkeys run the DJ office and who knew that their boss, the ladies man Chris Hogg, would be willing to jump in and join the madness. This was the thread that really took the insanity to another level. Before it was over, Chris and I would be brothers, fathered by Bill Gates, I would have a new avatar photo, Alex Chumak became a Silverback Gorilla, and the animal weirdness had begun.
OK,it could have stopped there. I know that. I was the Sorcerers Apprentice and I had the mops dancing to my beat. The final straw came in my Schizophrenia thread that was supposed to talk about how much like their avatar people were. 600+ comments later the world had changed! Franklin had become a turtle and my Terrapin sidekick. Museinspiredart was now a robot and chasing the skirt of Leah who now was our Princess. Jaguar had become the fierce jungle cat with the heart of gold and Picasso had become a mother to the pack and had adopted....well,everybody.
Read the posts. Try to find a path through the animal madness. In the end you'll better understand what makes DJ work. If you don't, just ask Alice. She knows the ways of the Rabbit!
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