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article imageDigital Journal Block Party Version 3.0

By Carolyn E. Price     Apr 11, 2007 in
Once again, its Wednesday and the powers that be have asked me to invite you all over for another one of our wild nights on the web. So, I'd like to invite you over for Digital Journal's first cocktail masquerade ball tonight at 9:00.
In case you've missed the past two block party events, I'll give you a quick re-cap. A wolfman started this whole ball rolling with a "creatures of the night" theme that began way back when with a were'wolf and a jaguar in a singularly strange sexual seduction *wink, wink*, and suddenly, a were'turtle was born. Then, the Gates brothers discovered each other and just as suddenly, a were'porcuboy was made; a robo-bot man and a princess found each other and flirted mercilessly while the were-bat splatted her way onto the scene. We've also christened a were'pup and I'm sure there were others added to the crew but at the moment, I'm having a blond moment and just can't remember them all. If I've neglected to mention you, please remind me here what it is that you were christened.
Tonight we're going for something a little different with a masquerade night with a theme of cocktails. What I'm suggesting you do is come dressed up as your favorite cocktail. Now, I bet your all going, hmmm, she's obviously lost her mind here because how can I come dressed up as a cocktail? Well, it's easy. Instead of going online using your regular avatar, just go into the chat sometime today (just make sure no one else is there when you do it) and if you've already signed in, change your name to whatever it is that floats your boat.
If you haven't signed in before, here's what you do: Go to your 'My Account' page and in the 'Helpful Resources' box, click on the 'chat' link. A small box entitled Gabbly Chat will pop up and that is where the 'chat' will be held. What you need to do now is in the 'Name:' box, enter your alias for the evening. Last thing, don't forget to hit the "change nickname" icon just to the right of the 'Name:' box.
If it's a "Cruel Ghoul", a "Little Green Fairy" or "The Gentleman's Chocolate Covered Cherry" that you love, sign in as your fave. Cocktails will be served between 9 and midnight and at that time (or earlier if you'd like), the masks can be dropped and we creatures can revert back to our "normal" selves. As the host for the evening I'll let you in on what I'll be attending as, a Blueberry Margarita (but of course, it's got my fave, te-kill-ya, in it). There is a limitation of 16 letters for the name tag so you might have to get cre8iv with your spelling.
I think the powers that be asked me to host this thing because last week, I had another major blond moment and totally, sort of, forgot that the event was on! It wasn't until Chris e-mailed me around 11:00 that I slapped my forehead and in disgust and joined in on the fun. Apparently, the chat system went into overload and there were a few technical glitches. I'm hoping that this is not the case this time, but we'll see.
Last week, the chat went on for 5 and a half hours. You'll have to keep on your toes because the wolf is known for breaking into song and he expects a response from all you musicphiles out there. All of us are really interested in finding out just how many beers Alex can consume in one sitting so let's try to match last week's total of at least 22 (I left around 2 and that's what he was up to at that time!).
Participants are encouraged to bring party games and at least this time, when I start talking about how my ankles are up around my neck (or were they around Alex's neck, I can't quite remember!) at least I can attribute it to the Body Shot Twister game I've come up with. So remember, the wilder the game the more fun we can have so between now and party time, please try to come up with something a little bit out there!
Check out the link at the end of the article if you're having trouble coming up with an appropriate 'mask' for the night, don't forget to think about a party game and to change your name on Gabbly, and I hope to see you all around 9:00 tonite. (Mmmmm, don't they look good?)
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