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The Country Of Broken Hearted Americans

By Michelle Duffy     Apr 10, 2007 in Politics
In debate yesterday on CNN, it had come to light from a recent poll that the trust the people have for the American government is slipping away fast.
Since the war between the Western world and Iraq, millions of people in the UK and the US has turned their backs on their respective governments. It has been long known in the UK that Brits can't wait to see Tony Blair leave Number 10, but we then have Gordon Brown to consider moving in, currently at Number 11 next door, so a the moment we have the lesser of two evils.
Featured on CNN yesterday afternoon in America, the shocking figures have been revealed on how the American people really think about the war and the government.
It would seem most Americans are disgusted with President Bush, the media and the Military - believing nothing that they hear. 60% saying they don't believe anything they hear from the media. This figure was staggeringly lower before the war on Iraq - at only a mere 15%.
It appears that the great divide between the democrats and the republicans widen with both trusting either the military or the media and not the other. What will this mean for the future in politics?
How do you feel about the state of the government in your country? Do you feel that you too have lost faith in what you read and what you see in the news?
For a Brit, it would be interesting to hear....
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