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Parents Call for Ban on Homework

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 10, 2007 in Lifestyle
Parents in Australia call for ban on homework in schools for primary classes says it intrudes family life and no obvious academic benefit.
HOMEWORK should be scrapped in the early years of primary school and its place in high schools reviewed amid concerns it is a practice without any academic benefits.
The national umbrella organization of parents and citizens groups, the Australian Council of State School Organizations, has called for a review of the setting of homework, arguing there is no evidence that students benefit from the practice and that it has become an overbearing invasion of family life.
Parents belonging to the Australian Council of State School Organization, think the homework is outdated and unnecessary for kids and intrudes their life. The organization's county executive officer, Terry Aulich, wonders whether there is any real need of homework in primary schools for many grades of school. Terry and his organization wanted to raise this issue in teacher education training but the teachers considered it a low level issue, which is right. But Terry's group doesn't think so, the organization did a research into homework practices and found no obvious benefits.
This organization doesn't want to stop in Primary schools, they say even in high schools the correlation between homework and performance is negligible.
They point out some studies done by US and British studies link homework to improved grades, school performance, attitude towards learning and time-management skills, with one arguing that "the more homework students complete, especially from grades 6 to 12, the better they do in school".
But one of the British research found the positive relationship between the homework and the improvement in students were found only true in high school. Some studies point out homework contribute to physical and emotional exhaustion and allowed little or no time for leisure and family group activities.
An analysis of the International Trends in Mathematics and Science Study, which compares students in 50 countries, stated: "The overall correlations between national average student achievement and national averages in amount of homework assigned are all negative."
Terry Aulich wants more research done on this relationship between homework and child development.
One of the parent, Bradley Fromant thinks the same, whose son Reuben Fromant, 8 is in Year 3 at a public school, does a lot of homework. He believes parents have a mistaken belief that without more homework the child won't grow, he supports homework as a good practice for the child, but it doesn't offer any knowledge advantage.
Homework is a necessary exercise, without homework there is no way children can learn. Homework allows them to reinforce what the teacher taught at school. Homework doesn't create instant geniuses, it takes time to mature. It is like a test that helps them to develop as an adult so they are better prepared to handle life as they grow. To say there is no need of homework is absurd.
Do you find homeworks are a burden or a necessity for your children's education?
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