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article imageApple iPod v. The Insulin Pump

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 10, 2007 in Health
Health care industry wants Steve Jobs and Apple iPod's designers help to create user friendly health care devices such as the Insulin Pump and Glucose monitors.
Amy Tenderich writes one of (if not the) most influential blogs about diabetes, Diabetes Mine. Noting the news today about Apple selling its 100 millionth iPod and praising the exceptional industrial design of Apple products, she asks for Apple’s help in designing better medical devices.
Amy Tenderich in her blogs is impressed with Apple selling 100 Millionth iPod but its design makes her health care products like the insulin pump design look bad. The Insulin pump, shown in the picture and blood glucose monitors are badly designed, these devices are also handheld devices, but they are no where near iPods in design and functionality. These devices help people with chronic conditions like treat diabetes and keep it under control. But as far as visual aspects are concerned, these devices are clunky, make odd alarm sounds, not user friends, and requires more battery power and recharging.
She isn't requesting Apple to enter into health care business, but wants help in designing better health products and wants Steve Jobs to boost creativity in health care products.
She has three suggestions:
We have begun by brainstorming a number of actions that you and/or Apple could take to jump start this discussion:
* Sponsor a contest by Apple Inc. for best-designed med device from an independent party, and the winning item will receive a makeover from Jonathan Ive himself
* Conduct a “Med Model Challenge”: the Apple design team takes several existing medical devices and demonstrates how to “pimp” them to be more useful and cool
* Establish Apple Med Design School – offer a course on consumer design concepts to selected engineers from leading pharma companies
I think Apple will definitely listen to her ideas, and either help or create better devices for patients, who knows a future iPods may do both functions providing health care and listening to music as well. I bought one digital blood pressure monitor for my father that wraps around finger and reads the data, he found it very hard to use. Do you encounter such medical devices that are difficult to use and in their design?
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