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Former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy Remains Free on Bond

By rob13     Apr 9, 2007 in Business
A federal judge ruled that former HealthSouth Richard Scrushy can remain free on bail as long as Scrushy wears an electronic monitoring device if he travels outside Alabama.
Richard Scrushy was enjoying a nice little boat ride in his yacht from West Palm Beach, Fla. to Miami. However, Prosecutor Steve Feaga feels Scrushy's bail should be revoked because this little joy ride was in violation of court orders given to Mr.Scrushy.
Scrushy is currently awaiting sentencing on federal bribery charges that also involved then Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman. While Mr.Scrushy was chief executive at HealthSouth in 2005, Scrushy was acquitted on 58 criminal charges that involved a massive accounting fraud scandal.
Jim Parkman, Mr.Scrushy's attorney, said the yacht trip was clearly a 'misunderstanding' between Mr.Scrushy and the court officials. Scrushy said he took this boat trip because he had to meet with another one of his attorneys, Donald Watkins.
Mr.Feaga intensely grilled Scrushy during the one day hearing. Mr.Feaga went so far as say that Mr.Scrushy was lying to court officials.
U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Coody decided to side with Scrushy, but Judge Coody did warn Scrushy that the court would not tolerate any more deviations from the requirements the court has placed on Mr.Scrushy. Outside the court, Mr.Scrushy called the judge's decision fair.
Mr.Scrushy also issued a statement saying he will totally follow the restrictions placed on him by the court. Scrushy said he will always be exactly where he says he will be.
Prosecutor Steve Feaga still believes that it was only a stroke of good luck that their was bad weather on the day Mr.Scrushy decided to go yachting. Mr.Feaga went so far as to say that if not for the weather, Mr.Scrushy would be sunning himself on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean.
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