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article imageCocoa lowers blood pressure

By Sheba     Apr 9, 2007 in Health
German researchers today claim that cocoa not tea, may help to lower your blood pressure.
An analysis of previously published research in the Archives of Internal Medicine, published by the American Medical Association indicate that foods rich in cocoa seems to help lower blood pressure while drinking green or black tea may not.
The drop in blood pressure among participants who consumed cocoa products for at least two weeks was in the same range as achieved by someone taking drugs commonly prescribed to control high blood pressure.
The fall in blood pressure credited to cocoa could be expected to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks by 10-20 percent, the report said.
While both tea and cocoa contain a chemical "polyphenols" which is known to reduce cardiovascular diseases and is present in most fruits and vegetables, cocoa contains a different type than tea, "procyanids" which appears to be more active.
But the study author, Dr. Dick Taubert warns, "don't start gobbling up chocolate bars just yet... we believe that any dietary advice must account for the high sugar, fat and calorie intake with most cocoa products.
"Rationally applied, cocoa products might be considered part of dietary approaches to lower hypertension risk,"
Well now, first they tell us do then they tell us don't. Can they make up their minds? I'd love to find a cocoa product that is not filled with sugar, fat and all the other additives I can live without. Anyone up for some pure cocoa? Now where to find it? Hm...let's see what the Internet turns up.
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