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article imageMystery Cat takes Regular Bus to the Shops

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 9, 2007 in World
A Mystery Cat rides the bus in UK, gets on at one stop and gets off at another bus stop on a consistent basis.
Bus drivers have nicknamed a white cat Macavity after it has started using the No 331 several mornings a week.
The feline, which has a purple collar, gets onto the busy Walsall to Wolverhampton bus at the same stop most mornings - he then jumps off at the next stop 400m down the road, near a fish and chip shop.
This cat is riding the bus, for a while gets into the bus at one stop and gets down at the next stop where there is a fish and chip shop. The Driver, Bill Khunkhun, 49, first saw it and was surprised to see the cat get off the bus along with a group of passengers, when he didn't see it get on in the first place. It was a mystery to him and other drivers. They named the cat Macavity after the mystery cat in T. S. Elliot's poem.
The next day when Bill was driving the bus and stopped at Churchill Road, to let the passengers in, he saw the cat again running towards the bus. It jumped in and ran under one of the seats. He kept on driving until he came to the next stop where he saw the cat get off the previous day and the cat get off again at the same place. Bill notified his fellow drivers about this mystery cat, they also seemed to have noticed it and let the cat in every time they see it.
This cat has been riding since January, and has been riding two or three times a week and always gets on and off at the same stops as described above.
One of the passenger Paul Brennan also saw it, he thought that the cat must have belonged to some one, but he saw there was no one accompanying it.
He sat at the front of the bus, waited patiently for the next stop and then got off. It was was quite strange at first but now it just seems normal. I suppose he is the perfect passenger really - he sits quietly, minds his own business and then gets off.
This cat deserves a free pass, glad to see the drivers and passengers are not making a fuss and complaining about it, hope they take a video and post it. This is one smart Cat.
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