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article imageHelping to ease hunger

By patxxoo     Apr 9, 2007 in Health
"An estimated 30 million Americans, including elderly people and children, go to bed hungry each night or not knowing when their next meal will be."
I read that and thought how scary is that, I have been short at times and went without some things so my children could have more, and at one time didn't even know where we were going to sleep that night due to unforeseen circumstances, even while working a 40 hour job. Thankfully we had a lot of really good friends that helped us out. So I know what it is like to be really frightened for your family.
Now my children are grown and I was looking for ways I can help, one where I might make a little bit of a difference. Of course on a tight budget, I wasn't sure what I could other then donate my time and I ran across "plant a row for the hungry".
It is not a program to speak off it's more of an idea that almost anybody can follow through with, all you do is just plant an extra row of vegetables, or putting some seeds in buckets on your patio works just as well, and can be really relaxing.
And then when you harvest your vegetables donate your excess vegetables to local soup kitchens or food banks. Or for that matter really take a look around where you live. Is their some on your area that might need a little help, it's not charity, it's just a little boost for a short time.
Give them your "extras that you just don't know what to do with" or for that matter if you planted in pots give them the plants for a longer term boost. Hey you almost always have to thin your plants out , why not put them in small containers and give them away instead of wasting them.
Their are also ways of saving seeds for the next years crops, so you can plant again and again without incurring extra costs. But really, how much are a pack of seeds.
So we will see if my gardening efforts might help just a few. The plants are really coming along. I see that we will have to do a lot of "thinning" of plants.
Hmmm my next door neighbor is an elderly lady living with her daughter. I wonder if she could take some of these squash, tomatoes and cucumber plants that will go to waste for me . She would really be helping me out.
So give it a try, you would really be helping others. Tell others about it and see what they think, hey you never know you might just make a few new friends while your at it .
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