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article imageUPDATE: Ipod saves Soldier's Life

By Chris V. Thangham     Apr 9, 2007 in World
Armor saved soldier's life not the iPod.
This is an update to the story of how an iPod saved Soldier's life from a gun fire from an insurgent. Initially the story was reported that iPod saved soldier's life, but the author spoke to Kevin Garrard and got the recent update from him. It was the armor that really stopped the bullet not the iPod. Even without the iPod being present, the armor was built in such a way to stop the bullet from weapons like AK-47. Kevin didn't even know he was shot until he took the iPod out and saw the damage and realized that he had been shot. The armor he was wearing was an upgrade to the armor the soldiers had before, not everyone has it at the moment but he wore on that day and was able to stop the bullet from the AK-47 Gun shot.
After the gunfight he was heading back to the base and wanted to listen to the music, when he took the iPod out, he saw the heavy damage shown in the picture. The armor was so good and strong, he didn't even feel that he had a gunshot. He was extremely happy that this armor worked.
Kevin said this was his second iPod, the first one was damaged but the store would not replace it, even when he had purchased additional warranty. When he spoke to Apple about the damaged iPod, they were happy to replace it free of cost. Others were planning to donate an iPod to this soldiers after this incident, he said he would not be needing it but if anybody wants to send he would be glad to put in a care package and give it his army unit who don't have them.
All ends well for Kevin Garrard, I am glad Apple gave him another iPod as replacement.
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